Friday, February 22, 2008

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Hello everyone:

The "Culturally Responsive Teaching" article is well constructed in terms of pointing to relevant research and providing a rationale for each characteristic of culturally responsive teaching. Based on our conversations in class, many of us are already engaging in at least some of these practices. While it may not be realistic for teachers to fully engage in all apects of culturally responsive teaching (Dave, I agree with you about house visits), it is important to have the conversation (as Johnson would say) and do as much as possible to benefit all of our students. Raising an awareness and understanding of the characteristics is essential, but putting the suggested characterstics into practice will take some time. Both Johnson and Bartolome would support culturally mediated instruction (#5), particularly the point about conferring with educators who come from the same cultural background as students about effective ways to teach these students. However, I agree with Deanna that we do not always have easy access to these educators in terms of teaching in the same school. Delpit would support using resources other than textbooks for study under Reshaping the Curriculum (#6) and many of us do this as well (even with my prescribed curriculum, I find ways to be creative). I will revisit the blog on Thursday when I return to town. I hope everyone is having a restful vacation.

Ann Siachos

February 19, 2008 3:55 PM


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Dr. Lesley Bogad said...

Hi Ann,
Like the others, I love the connections you make to our other authors. Looking forward to class tomorrow! Hope you liked the Groton film!

LB :)