Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting Started...

Hi all,

Hope this virtual space will make for an interesting way to dialogue about Culturally Responsive Teaching, while honoring your school vacation week!!

Usually, a blog is a personal space where one person can post and others can leave comments. I have set up this blog, however, so that we can all post and comment to the blog. That means this is a completely shared space. Feel free to post as many times as you want to this week, read others' posts, and leave comments when you do.

Our address is:

So in order to post and comment on this blog, you need to set up a google account. The email I sent you on Wednesday after class has a link that will take you to the BLOGGER.COM site where you can either log in (if you already have an account), or start a new account by clicking on the link that says CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW.

Follow the prompts, until you end up at the DASHBOARD for our SED552 Blog.

From the Dashboard, you can VIEW BLOG, or create NEW POST if you are ready to leave your voice in our blogisphere!

Don't stress if you get stuck. Just email me and I will help you. And don't be afraid to just experiment... it is only a blog!! You can't break it! And if it gets "messed up" in any way, shape or form, we can fix it!! I want you to feel ownership over this and feel free to write and respond (even put up pictures or links if you start to feel daring and creative!!)

Sometime this week, read the article on Culturally Responsive Teaching that I linked on the left. The create a post on our blog with your thoughts. What do you make of this? And importantly, how do you see culturally responsive teaching in relation to the other authors we have read thus far this semester (Johnson, Bartolome and Delpit).

Enjoy your break! I look forward to seeing you virtually sometime soon!

LB :)

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